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Brushed cotton

Brushed cotton

Brushed cotton or winter cotton was created following a need in the market for a warm fabric which is also completely hypoallergenic.

brushed cotton

The Thermal insulation in wool is created by the air being trapped between the fibers, similarly in brushed cotton, the same effect is obtained by brushing the inner part; not all types of cotton are suitable for this process; the Egyptian ones for example are too dry; brushed cotton is produced by using American or Indian cotton because they are more soft and fluffy, hence more air is trapped.

How it’s made

This fabric is made in house, we use a circular machine that creates a ribbed fabric; it’s also possible to produce this fabric in interlock.

machine for brushed cotton

We decided to use ribbed fabric because it’s more stable, (it doesn’t twist) it also gives a certain elasticity and weight; the threads used in this process are quite thick (24/1 or 30/1) as a result they contribute by giving body to the fabric. Finally the fabric is brushed to create the thermal effect; an added benefit is softness on the skin.

brushed cotton

Advantages of brushed cotton

This fabric has four fundamental advantages


Easy maintenance

Long lasting

Low price

Hypoallergenic: it goes without saying that cotton is very comfortable on the skin, its fibers are softer and more flexible in contrast to those of wool.

Maintenance: cotton does not felt and bears intensive washing, its maintennace is easier compared to that of wool, which needs far more attention.

Long lasting: brushed cotton is made by using a thick thread, consequently it is very resistent; cotton is naturally stronger than wool, and it is not eaten by moths.

Low price: the cotton thread used to create this fabric, costs a lot less than Merino wool or silk, therefore  garments made in this fabric have a lower price.


This fabric is particularly suitable for those who suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin.

Some of our products in heavy brushed cotton

Crew neck short sleeves

V – neck short sleeves

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