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Site security

Site security

Site security is provided by Lisanza Uomo, we use encrypted connections HTTPS to ensure your privacy and also that of your transactions.

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Above all, it is for us very important to guarantee the maximum protection to our visitors and clients; nowadays technology makes everything easier,(buying goods, booking a hotel, or making payments are all possible online) due to this exchange of information, we have to protect against hackers. Consequently, with the encrypted connections HTTPS which we provide, you can leave your personal details and purchase goods in complete security; we pay the same attention to detail whether producing garments or securing our site; For us, quality is the most important thing.

What is SSL ?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and its successor Transport Layer Security (TLS), are standard protocols which serve to protect  internet communications.

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SSl and TLS use an encrypted system to guarantee the final users the identity and security of a web server and keep encrypted all the communications between the users and the server; above all, these protocols are most commonly used to guarantee the privacy of sensitive informations which users send to the server; for example passwords or credit card numbers. SSL and TLS need the Web server to have a digital certificate, even better if it is provided by a Certification Authority; the initial connection between a user and a Web server is called handshake SSL“.

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During this connection, the Web server sends its digital certificate to the browser which verifies the validity of the certificate and the legality of the Web server; finally, if everything is ok, a secure connection is made. You should look for the presence of https:// in a link or at the beginning of the browser address; ( https:// this means that SSL/TLS protocols are used, so the connection is secure.

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