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Wool and silk

Wool and silk

Wool and silk mix was created to give more softness and resistence to Merino wool, an already top quality fiber; the silk is added in percentage, this can vary from 20 to 30% ( we use 20% mix). The two fibers are carefully mixed as a raw material before they become thread, following a process which guarantees the correct ratio between the two materials; subsequently, as for the pure Merino wool it is  spun to create the thread with the required dimention.

wool and silk sheep

wool and silk

Why silk is added

The main reason silk is added is to give softness and strength to the Merino; above all, the silk must be added in a low percentage (20/30%) so that it doesn’t change the qualities of the wool. As a result, the final fabric is softer on the skin due to the addition of silk which increases the flexibility of the fibers; furthermore, it is also more resistent during washing and slightly warmer than a normal wool.

Also in the spinning process, silk provides important advantages: the thread is more regular, stronger and easier to twist than a regular wool; most noteworthy, the silk fibers don’t shrink so they increase the dimentional stability of the fabric and subsequent garments; all the charateristics of the Merino wool such as softness, hygroscopicity and lightness are amplified by the addition of silk. Certainly  we can say without a doubt that this is absolutely the best fabric in terms of quality and price.

wool and silk


If  the silk percentage is higher than 30% it is a sign of low quality wool, consequently an inferior quality garment; the lower the silk percentage the higher the quality of the wool; we have to remember that the principal fiber is wool, this determines the softness of the fabric, silk is added only to boost this quality.

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