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Briefs – Early history

The origins of briefs can be found in the ancient Egyptian culture, in fact this population used to wear a triangle of fabric, called a pano, which was very similar to briefs. Obviously this garment didn’t have an elastic waistband but the fabric was wrapped in between the legs and knotted at the waist. We can see a similar garment in the Roman period, it was called subligaculum and it was worn under a tunic. This garment was popular with both gladiators and women.

history of briefs(subligaculum)

In the middle ages, expecially among the Goths and Lombards there is evidence of the use of garments to cover the genital area. In the following periods expecially in the Renaissance women started to wear something that resembles our modern briefs. Around 1600 this kind of garment fell out of fashion and we need to wait until the end of 1800 to see its return.

Later history

In 1906 the briefs makes its first appearance in the modern shape we recognise today; but the sale of this garment is very low and was limited to a localised market. During 1935 the popoularity of this item started to spread drammatically and for the first time this garment was given an official name: BRIEFS. Coopers Inc.( an american based company), were the first to sell briefs with a front opening; they named this model Jockey; in a short period of time, this new garment became very popoular and flooded the American market.

In 1938, this garment arrived in Europe; the UK sold a thousand pairs a week; the real boom period began in 1948 and reached its peak in 1967, when France gave the permission to make the first TV advertisement featuring underwear. Development of briefs continued year by year;until in the 1960’s briefs changed their image and becomie a fashion item instead of a practical garment.

The function of briefs

The primary function of men’s briefs is to support, this fact makes them ideal for most sports; more than an underwear garment, they are an hygenical bareer between the body and the outer garments. Recently some doctors have criticised this product using the theory that the heating of the genital area could cause fertility problems for men. This theory however has not been proven and there are some studies which suggest the contrary. Anyway, it’s a good idea to choose the correct sizes and briefs made in natural fibers.

How they’re made

Briefs have an elastic waistband which can vary in height to satisfy every dressing requirement. The elastic can be visible or invisible that is to say it is covered in the same fabric as the briefs. In the same way the leg hole also has elastic, but here it is much softer in respect to that used on the waistband and serves to give lateral and gluteral restraint.

The cut of the front has been researched to give maxium ease and can be either open, closed or with a lateral opening to increase comfort. Usually they are made in cotton, but you can also find them made in synthetic fibers. For sure the syntheic fibers are more resistant and easier to wash but our opinion is that they are neither hygenic nor healthy.

briefs(Closed briefs)

briefs(Front open briefs)

Briefs collection

Our company, has a vast collection; our natural fabric choice, ranges from lisle cotton to pure silk. the Lisle cotton we make in house into either a jersey or a ribbed fabric. We produce these fabrics in different weights and consistencies to cover all seasons. Pure silk for those who want the ultimate luxury! Our collection includes many designs all with different heights and finishes. Obviously, we produce also briefs with openings, for those looking for a more pratical approach. Our company, prides itself on the quality of our products; the health of our clients in very important to us, so for this reason all of our briefs are made only in natural fibers.




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