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Boxers – The history

The name “boxers” originates from the sport of boxing; this is a very old sport, practised since the ancient times. The earliest boxer shorts date from the 1900’s; these shorts used to have a leather belt at the waistband. Boxers first started being used as an underwear garment from 1925, due mainly to Everlast ,an american company which produced sports clothing for boxers, they replaced the leather belt with and elastic waistband and this small adjustment created a new role for boxers in the clothing world-underwear. This new garment was an immediate sales success, but this success was soon replaced by the “briefs” which became the most widespread  item of male underwear.


In the years to come, the boxers and the briefs competed for the major share in the market: the sales boom and the popularity of boxers increased significantly in the 80’s, as a result of a television advert produced by the Levi Strauss  jeans company, featuring the male model Nick Kamen, removing his jeans, putting them in a washing machine, and then waiting for the end of the washing cycle wearing only his boxers underwear. The massive success of this advert, led to a huge increase in sales.

Approximately ten years later, in the 90’s a new model of boxers appeared on the market, they were more fitted and followed the body lines and had more or less the same level of support as briefs. This new design was adopted by the younger generation, who wore them under their low waisted jeans; but most importantly, was the fact that the boxers were visible above the waistband of the jeans. Other models of boxers were created with much shorter legs, these fitted almost like briefs, but had the benefit of being esthetically more pleasing.

The role of boxer underwear in the cinema.

This garment has a main role in many films, above all those which featured the sport of boxing the most famous being Rocky starring Silvester Stallone, where this garment appears in its sport version; or in films where the main actor has to remain just in his underwear; Boxers are certainly the most appealing and accepted form of underwear; who doesn’t remember Jason Statham in the film “The Transporter” or Ryan Reynolds in the film “Deadpool” where they appear in many scenes dressed only in boxers. In the same way most of the actors who played the role of James Bond (007) such as Sean Connery or Daniel Craig have at least one scene where they are filmed in only their underwear

boxer(Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool)

(Jason Statham in The transporter)

How they are made

Boxer can be made using different fabrics such as canvas or knitted. The last one can be elasticated and therefore the final garment will be fitted, or we can use a wider cut for a looser fit. All designs have an elastic waistband which is quite high to distribute the pressure in an even way without any discomfort. In some models the elastic is visible, whilst in others it is covered with the same fabric used to make the garment. This choice is for various reasons, it can be simply a question of aesthetics, or it can be used to make the garment hypoallergenic; obviously, for this case we would use a cotton fabric. Boxers made in canvas fabric, usually have a  split on each leg, to make them easier to wear.

Our production of boxers

We have a vast collection featuring a wide range of boxers. From the canvas models which we produce with an open elastic waistband and with a two button closing for maximum comfort; obviously these canvas boxers have the classic splits on both legs which are fundamental for a perfect fit. The seams are flat double sewn for a great comfort and durability. We also produce many models in Lisle cotton yarn jersey; these designs have a wide cut for great comfort, making them perfect to use as sleepwear, thanks to the freshness and natural elasticity of the fabric. To finish, we have those made in elasticated cotton, these are very fitted and give the highest level of support. Ideal for those who play sports.